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Why did you leave your job at NHS?

62 answers

I had a manager who spoke badly about people and I soon became his target. I was segregated from my colleagues and constantly criticized for speaking up and asking questions. I could write screeds but that would expose my identity.
Bullying in the NHS is a serious issue and many of those who are in power abuse it. They have no empathy and haven't a clue how to manage people.

Management/ HR are a force to be reckoned with. If your face doesn’t fit or you have a voice, then watch out. In the NHS community hospital I worked, the hands on nurses and HCA were undervalued and demoralised. Matron and the sisters were on a mission going up the ladder of success. They didn’t care who they stepped on ,on the way up. The matron was a liar and denied what she had said to me in her office. Unofficial meetings without support. I tell the truth and made to feel like a criminal. After 14 years on the ward, I felt time to go.

HR treated me like a criminal when a totally false claim was put against me by patient friend. Had 100% record up til then. and was well respected and known to go above and beyond for patients and job. Was treated as guilty from minute 1 and had to prove I was innocent which I did. Interrogated in small windowless room and made to feel like I was a nothing. Wasn't allowed anyone in room with me for support, even though they knew I was suicidal by this time due to patients friend bullying me constantly and starting a personal vendetta. Suffered complete mental breakdown because of stress and depression. Even after I proved I was innocent and wanted leave, it was made difficult and I was told that it wasn't what I really wanted and they told me they needed me to stay due to staff shortage and my 'flawless record'. Ended up leaving anyway and now on antidepressants, self harm and have bulimia due to what they put me through. Worst decision of my life to work there.

One person was building his career castle and saw a talented junior co-worker as a threat and orchestrated their release. So sad as he could have quite easily benefited from a professional cooperative business relationship. Ego and narcissism and nepotism got in the way. This is pretty much an honest and objective review.

I suffered a CVA at the age of 42 - my line manager did not believe this and made my life difficult. I then suffered a near breakdown and left because of the bullying culture.
Prior to this I loved my job and was very good at it.

I was bullied to the point of me being suicidal and I needed to get out. I now work in a different job that is not soul destroying.

I sadly had to give up my job after many years of working within the NHS. Although the majority of my time was generally fine, my last year after moving to a different part of the NHS was just a horrible experience to be honest. It was a purely toxic environment, that started from the top and ran down right through to every member of the team, even if like my they did not want to be part of the environment/culture. Bullying management that instead of giving you the correct training when you made a mistake to avoid it happening in the future, simply dragged you into a room for an hour and tore you to pieces with no resolution. Other members of staff constantly stabbing you in the back & running to management often making false claims about what I had either said or done, which again resulted in being dragged into rooms and being torn to pieces to the point where I regularly ended up in tears and had many sleepless nights. HR Didn't want to know and it was a case of "If you can't prove it, it didn't happen" I was also asked by management and HR, why it was only me having these issues, when everyone else was fine. But the fact that members of staff were leaving literally every few weeks within that time, often under the same circumstances as me, seems to suggest it wasn't just me experiencing these problems. Also, just reading other peoples comments on here , it seems that this seems to be a nationwide problem & needs to be addressed urgently.

I was working as an admin coordinator at one of London ospitals. I did enjoy my job until I got pregnant,but worst was coming back from my maternity leave. I requested for my full time job to be reduced to part time hours and it was agreed that I. Will be doing four days a week. The one day work was supposed to be distributed among my colleagues as apparently managers didn't have the money to get any temporary support. They also refused my suggestion for a job share due to financial reasons. I ended up doing a full time job on a part time hours. I felt that my pregnancy and me becoming a mum was very inconvenient for everyone in my work place. I felt as I had no support from managers whatsoever. I decided to leave as the workload and stress became too much to deal with,especially while having a little one at home. Now,two years on I'm trying to go back to NHS admin job,but I. Feel that a career gap on my CV works to my disadvantage. Sad,but true x

2018 when I collapsed from exhaustion and had had enough of an unreasonable horrible Director

The bullying is awful and there’s no support for people who report it. The actual job is fine but only if yr able to get on with it without the nit-picking and showing u up. Expected to know everything without sufficient training. Whispering, ignoring, leaving u out of things, constantly criticising you, telling u not to do things that everyone else is allowed to do.... these were daily things for me. Why would I stay?!

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