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What would you suggest NHS management do to prevent others from leaving?

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Managers should have a better understanding of EDHR and check what their workforce are upto from time to time. Managers should be approachable. A manager should have a general sound understanding and basic level of experience in job roles they manage. Managers should rectify their mistakes with openness at the earliest convince.

Squeezing a 5 day week into 4 is not sustainable. To carry out the hard task of nursing for 12 or 13 hours a day and at night is bound to lead to tiredness and errors and a drop in standards.
To finish a shift at 8 am travel an hour home get something to eat and go to bed at 10 am sleep to 5pm have dinner and leave at 6pm to start again at 7pm is ludicrous. Who does it benefit ? Nurses who have children do not see them for more than an hour at most when they are working. You don't have to be in the medical profession to realise this is not good for your health. To work like this for year after inevitably takes its toll and for what purpose? An extra day off to recover and savings to the NHS which is lost by more staff falling Iill and/or leaving. The obvious solution is to go to a 5 day week.

Treat everyone equally ! Appreciate all the hard work the lower paid staff contribute it's all about team ! Together we are better but unfortunately don't see a lot of that

By appreciating their staff. Getting the grading system right instead of paying Band 5 experienced nurses for doing a Band 6 labour. There are a lot of Band 5 nurses who are more experienced than Band 6 and even Band 7 nurses. A lot of shifts would be in turmoil if it was not for the experience of these nurses. Someone in the hierarchy (and I use the word loosely) should be looking at the management who have been in the same post forever and treat their staff appallingly because they get away with it They would never apply for another post because 1. they would not pass an interview and 2. they could not work anywhere else because they would be out of their depth. So think on NHS you are loosing a lot of extremely experienced nurses through bad management and not paying your nurses for the job they actually do.

Appreciate staff. Treat low paid workers ie band 6 and lower with abit of dignity and respect.
Low paid workers do all the work and greedy fat managers sat at top level get all the recognition!

Absolutley appalling. Get rid of all these managers at the top and bring in a new NHS!

Provide a better annual income

Protect staff from being bullied by patients and their friends and relatives. Don't treat staff like they are guilty until they are proved to be so. Protect staff from being attacked by aggressive patients. Don't expect staff to try and deal with aggression and abuse alone.

Stop putting in more and more managers and no ground staff. Stop having meetings to discuss what you will be discussing at the next meeting.

Treat individuals equally and with warmth and consideration.
Not differing between nurses and social workers.

I may not have been on sick (CVA) for as long if I was listened to and my condition understood.

Get to know your staff - a little kindness goes a very long way

First look into why staff are leaving. Often it has a lot to do with the managers bullying and degrading attitude towards their staff. Some manager’s attitude is extremely bad and t concerns about this are ignored and made to look like a trouble maker also ostracized. Often these bad managers are allowed to get away with it. I’ve know of extremely good nurses to leave due to poor Managers who support each other and give no support to their staff. Their is also favouritsm going on, which shouldn’t be. Everything needs to be transparent.

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