What is it like being a CIMT therapist?

At CIMT we have a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about delivering evidence-based treatment that achieves meaningful results.

All of our therapists are specialist neurological physiotherapists or occupational therapists.

Meet our team and apply to become one of us!

What is CIMT?

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy is a specialist form of rehabilitation of the arm and hand for children with hemiplegia.

CIMT involves rehabilitation of the weaker arm while restraining the stronger arm in a light-weight cast. CIMT can make significant improvements that are meaningful and lasting.

Adults CIMT

Constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT) has been shown to achieve similar degrees of improvement in adults, no matter what their age, neurological injury or how much time has passed since the injury.

Children CIMT

CIMT has many significant benefits which have been proven through research and the use of CIMT in clinic settings.

Parents whose children have participated in CIMT often report that it has had a positive impact on their function and quality of life.

Nikki Owen - Lead CIMT therapist

Nikki is a lead CIMT physiotherapist and works with children in our Manchester clinics.

About CIMT

CIMT provide constraint induced movement therapy ("CIMT", "CI Therapy") for adults and children with a range of neurological conditions.

We provide highly effective, evidence-based treatment for hemiplegia by a team of experienced specialist CIMT therapists in our well-equipped clinics in the North West, UK.

Our specialist CIMT therapists are
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